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  About Us  

Shanghai huiju ventilation equipment Co., LTD is a professional manufacturing negative pressure blower, FRP fan, damp curtain, environmental protection air conditioning, ordinary fan ventilation equipment manufacturer. Huiju company produces the product has been widely used in industrial production, automobile maintenance, petrochemical, paint, electroplating, planting and breeding, logistics, warehousing, horticultural greenhouses ventilation cooling, etc.

Huiju company has a high reputation in the industry, have years of experience, can provide you with satisfactory products and professional service. Huiju across the country has many offices and after-sales center. Huiju ventilation cooling equipment is your ventilation cooling equipment first-selected products!

Huiju companies to build their own core competitiveness, after huiju company efforts, had been in the industry has the strong technology, the scale of production and marketing advantages, has strong comprehensive competitiveness, gained "Shanghai credit unit, quality trustworthy products" and many awards and honors. Our company takes "continuous innovation, endless pursuit of excellence, and create a perfect" business philosophy, and strive for you to create a comfortable working environment.

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